Il Yong Chun (iychun at hawaii dot edu)

Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UH, Manoa
Research: Machine learning & artificial intelligence, optimization, compressed sensing, computational imaging, computer vision
Teaching: Image processing, computer vision, optimization

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We are recruting Ph.D. students!

The Chun's imaging & data science group at UH–Manoa has vacant Ph.D. positions for applicants who wish to pursue specialities in data science and imaging science, and to obtain the doctoral degree in electrical engineering. The group is seeking talented and self-motivated students committed to developing machine learning (ML) & artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms with projects in imaging, image processing, and computer vision.
The group has expertise in ML & AI, optimization, and compressed sensing, applied to diverse imaging, image processing, and computer vision problems. The group is developing/studying computational data science solutions/fundementals for the following applications:

  • medical imaging,
  • computational photography,
  • vision-based autonomous systems, and
  • biomedical image computing (i.e., analysis).
For those interested in the aforementioned Ph.D. positions, please visit my group page for prospective students, post-docs, and visitors.

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