Il Yong Chun (iychun at skku dot edu)

Assistant Professor of EEE, AI, & ECE, SKKU
Research: Artificial intelligence & machine learning, optimization, compressed sensing, computational imaging, computer vision
Teaching: Image processing, computer vision, optimization

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I am recruiting (M.S.-)Ph.D. students!

The Machine Intelligence & Data Science (MIDAS) Lab at Sungkyunkwan University has vacant (M.S.-)Ph.D. positions for applicants who wish to pursue specialities in image-based AI & DS. The group is seeking talented and self-motivated students committed to developing AI & machine learning (ML) algorithms with projects in imaging, image processing, and computer vision.
The group has expertise in AI & ML, optimization, and compressed sensing, applied to diverse imaging, image processing, and computer vision problems. The group is developing/studying AI & DS solutions/fundementals for the following applications:

  • medical imaging,
  • computational photography,
  • vision-based autonomous systems, and
  • digital healthcare.
For those interested in the aforementioned Ph.D. and M.S. positions, please read the qualifications for application in my group page for prospective students, post-docs, and visitors.

To see the complete list of publications and their GitHub repositories, please see my CV.